Welcome to Parents' Place!

Parents' Place is a site where all parents and guardians can view a wealth of resources available to assist our students in having a successful academic experience with Durham Public Schools.  The information has been divided into the following 3 categories for ease of use which includes all subject areas and grade levels:
    • RESEARCH          - Publications, articles, and blogs featuring "the next big thing" and what your child should know throughout their K-12 career.
    • SKILLS                 - Practice, practice, practice may or may not make perfect but students put in the work throughout their K-12 career.
    • ASSESSMENT     - "If you don’t know where you are headed, you’ll probably end up some place else.”  Test and assess yourself!
                -Douglas J. Eder, Ph.D
We look forward to receiving your feedback on what you would like to see on the new Parents' Place site.  Click HERE on the Parents' Place site to suggest additional resources.

Questions or comments?  Please email the webmaster at dana.hodges@dpsnc.net